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in essex. carolyn and stacy himelheber lived in the home on arncliffe road. investigators said the home did not have smoke detectors and they're working to find out what caused that fire. >>> what a change a day makes. low 50s, sunshine over the place and a fantastic looking day. temperature wise low 50s, upper 40s. actually feeling pleasant out there. the rest of the region 40 under clear skies. the next rain maker could be here tomorrow. >>> in tonight's democracy 2012, mitt romney may have caused his own headaches yesterday with his off the cuff comment about firing people but it shouldn't affect him to lose his lead. the first votes were counted in dixville notch and it was a tie. small comfort for romney after the worst day of his campaign. romney said, quote, i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. he was talking about healthcare but his rivals saw a golden opportunity and blasted his work as the head of bain capital. this may turn out to be the bane of his expenses but it's unlikely to knock him out of the top spot in new hampshire. >>> today schools across the a
to a carolyn. it broke out on arn cliff. one was rushed to franklin square, the other to bay view, both did not make it. neighbor tells us about the car accident the women were involved in, earlier in the day. >> i had heard that the car accident happened this morning. the car was pinned up against the other car. they were pinned up against a parked car. they had to use the jaws of life to get them out. >> firefighters say they had a hard time getting in the house because of clutter. the cause of the investigation -- the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>> a mother is charged of abusing her child before his death. the charges came after he was killed in a separate incident last year. a grand jury indicted the 28 year old of abusing her 2-year- old son, elijah in november of 2010. last april he died from asphyxiation. no one has been formally charged. >>> more began state men's basketball team lost by two points. they did it without their coach. he is accused of punching a player saturday. the school issued an indefinite suspension for the coach. he and the players say it wa
jennifer..... the victtms are carolyn (himmel- heber).. she was 63.. and her daughter stacy (himmel-heber).. she was 40. firefighters say they found both women upstairs.. one of them in the bathroom.. the other.. closeby...... investigators say both women had also been involved in a car accident near their home yesterday.... doctors treated and released them. and tonight, they're the victims of a fatal fire. the fire broke out on arncliffe road at about 7-30 last night..... when firefighters arrived.. they found police and neighbors already banging on the front and back doors of the home.. trying to alert the women. once inside, firefighters say they had trouble moving around the first floor and getting to the women.. because of so much clutter in the home. they also say the home was not equipped with smoke detectors. (neighbor) 3 3 3 3 two dogs and two cats also died in the fire. investigators say the blaze caused about 25-thousand dollars worth of damage. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. live in essex.. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. police.../
. county fire said 63-year-old carolyn and stacy himelheber died when fire and smoke went through the home. they said they had problems getting inside because of large amounts of clutter. the two women were found upstairs noar the bathroom and later died in the hospital. they were fixtures in the community for more than 20 years. they say they were good neighbors and they would be missed. >> it is a tragedy. they were just out here earlier today, over to my mom's house telling her about the car accident, and that was it. that was the last time, at 4:30, is when my mom saw them. >> reporter: firefighters found no smoke detectors inside. they're still trying to determine the exact cause of that fire. >>> we have a high school student from bel air who is behind bars at this our charged with gunning down his father and dumping his body a pond in aberdeen. 16-year-old robert conley richardson the third face as third-degree murder charge after shooting his dad inside their mooresmill road home and calling his sister to confess to the crime. >> it the 16-year-old had shot his father and was looki
are mother and daughter, carolyn and stacy himelheber. >>> the idea of adding more state tax to gas prices doesn't sit well with drivers. here's derek valcourt with more. >> reporter: the city says its top transportation priority is to build a redline. anne arundel said it needs to widen 175 near fort meade. add up the costs and the state would need an extra $12 billion. governor o'malley points out that's money the trust fund doesn't have. >> you get what you pay for. there's no way to build a $100 million bridge for $10 million. that's why the funding recommends raising the gas tax by 15 cents per gallon over three years. the idea is being discussed in annapolis and on the road. >> i would sacrifice 15 cents for improving the roads. >> reporter: many drivers say the price of gas is already too high, that's in part due to the cost of crude oil. another 10% goes into refining that oil, 5% for distribution, but the last 10% are taxes. for every gallon, 1.4 cents go to the -- 18.4 cents did to the government. maryland's gas rate is the sixth highest in the country, behind these five states,
. >> and good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn tyler, we begin for the search for a jail escape. >> he's wanted for burglary. there is a manhunt for a man that they're looking for. jose luis gonzales fito. >> this is just one of several road blocks. we've lost daylight. deputies have been sechg since 2:00 this afternoon. they're searching hills just north of the jail. and that is where this escape was head. we're told he was
through the ashes of an essex home, where two women died overnight. 66-year-old carolyn and her 44- year-old daughter stacy died. investigators say the home had battery-powered smoke detectors, but they weren't working. in a strange twist, both women were in a car crash, yesterday on aren cliff road. they were treated and released from franklin square hospital. wjz will have more on this story coming up at 5:00. >>> danger in dundalk. today, a gas leak is detected in an industrial park. four people are here after natural levels of gas are detected. the road is closed from the 8200 block of fisher to beechwood roads. no one has been hurt. >> our recent flurries are nothing compared to what some parts of alaska are dealing with. cordova, alaska, is completely snowed in. as ben tracy reports for wjz, the worst, though, may be yet to come. >> reporter: in cordova, they are quite simply, buried. buried under a record 18 feet of snow. >> good girl. good girl. clean off my car. >> six feet in the past few days. >> a lot of businesses have already started to cave in. >> buildings have collapsed.
carried the two women from the home. >> middle carol -- miss carolyn was nonresponsive. and they were carrying out stacy. i didn't know if they were alive or not. >> reporter: both women died. for the type of fire, firefighter says it was unusually smoky. >> in most cases, it's the smoke that kill people, not the thermal heat. >> reporter: there was too much stuff piled up inside. they ended up going around back. >> when a home is full of belongings, whether it's clothing or parents or -- papers or old magazines, that material is fuel if there is a fire. >> reporter: the family is in the process of making the funeral arrangements. in essex, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >> reporter: the fire department says they could not find any smoke alarms in the home. >>> the local american red cross makes an emergency plea for blood donations. in recent weeks, the organization saw a significant decline in turnout of blood drives at donor centers. now, several blood types are at critical or emergency levels, making it difficult to prepare for potential emergencies. >> t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8